Welcome in The Hague!

Do you recognise yourself in this? You have pursued your dreams and you have started to work and live in The Hague. You have already learned a few Dutch words, but the language barrier is still something that prevents you from feeling a Dutch citizen. This is the main reason why you are still feeling a foreigner. When you have come here with your family, your children might already know some Dutch words, whereas you yourself still find it difficult to communicate in Dutch. I’m more than willing to help you with overcoming this language barrier and feeling more Dutch!

Pleased to teach you!


My name is Imke Hoefnagels, language teacher. I am pleased to teach you the Dutch language.

Imke Hoefnagels           


Why follow a language course by Imke Hoefnagels?

  1. OpsommingstekenQualified, experienced and enthusiastic teacher.

  2. OpsommingstekenNear-native speaker of English.

  3. OpsommingstekenPrivate courses or in small groups with a lot of personal attention.

  4. OpsommingstekenFlexible hours, evenings and weekends.

  5. OpsommingstekenCourses in an enjoyable environment at your house or mine.

  6. OpsommingstekenPractical results: an exam with certificate (CEFR) in 10 lessons.

  7. OpsommingstekenFocus on speaking skills.

  8. OpsommingstekenCertified learning material (also used at the national exams).

Pleased to teach you!

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